iOS Tutorial

New  iOS App v2.3

Creating and editing cards

Edit card screenshot
Click on Decks in the home screen.
If you are unable to click it, that means you don't have any decks and you can either create on or search for one in the Marketplace.

Once you have a deck that you've created, you can create a new card by going to your decks, selecting the deck, and clicking new card in the top menu.

If this is your first time editing a card, you will be presented with a tutorial. If not, here are the basics:
1. Swipe left to preview
2. Swipe right to edit
3. Click the left arrow at the bottom to view the front of the card, and the right arrow to view the back
4. Standard Markdown, LaTeX, and code highlighting are available. These options are found in the bar above your keyboard.
5. If the Publish button at the top right isn't enabled, remember that you must have a front and back to publish the card!
6. To add sounds, gifs, and images, click Add Upload next to your keyboard
7. When adding multiple audio clips, remember to put them in the order you want them to be played. Where you put them does not matter.


Uploads can be used for profile pictures, deck images, and most notably cards. They are sorted into images, gifs, and audio.

To access your uploads, click on your profile picture at the top left (navigation bar) of your home screen.
There, you will find multiple options to choose from, one of them being Uploads.

To create a new upload, click NEW at the bottom.
Then, click the box that tells you to choose a file, and you will be given a few ways to choose a file.

To edit an upload, click on the upload, then click the edit button (shaped like a box) at the top of the modal that comes up.
You can then edit the name, or click on the image again to choose a new file.

To use an upload in a card, click on that card either from Decks or from Cards and then click Add Upload at the bottom of the screen above your keyboard.
All you have to do then is click on the upload you want or create a new one.